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I teach 1:1 Pilates sessions, tailoring the session to suit your individual needs and have experience working with many injuries and conditions, including

  • osteoporosis

  • back issues

  • scoliosis

  • hypermobility

  • breast cancer recovery

  • arthiritis.

I work with all ages from young children & teens to older adults. 


I also teach pregnancy and post natal Pilates, having trained with Mama’s Pilates.

Pregnancy Pilates aids with

  • breathing

  • pelvic floor and deep abdominal strengthening  

  • improving balance as postural changes occur

  • blood flow and increase energy levels

  • strength and stamina

  • relaxation

  • preparation for childbirth

  • easier post-partum recovery

Pilates through pregnancy encourages healthy long term habits to take you beyond pregnancy and into being a strong, confident mother taking care of yourself so you can take the best care of your baby.

Post Natal Pilates will

  • re-align your new body

  • build abdominal strength closing diastasis recti

  • strengthen the pelvic floor muscles

  • strengthen and mobilise your back

  • improve circulation, respiration and digestion

  • improve balance

  • relieve tension in back, neck and shoulders

  • give you some well deserved "me" time

Pilates sessions can be customised to suit individual goals, health concerns and fitness levels, making it an effective system for all.


Your Pilates session will leave you feeling invigorated, more flexible and more in control of your body.  In my sessions we focus on

  • postural alignment

  • strengthening the core

  • stabilizing the pelvis, back and shoulders

  • rebalancing the body

  • flexibility

  • mobility

  • strength and stamina

  • body awareness, working muscles you never even knew existed


Each session incorporates the Pilates principles of alignment, breathing, centre, control, concentration and flowing movement giving you a total body and mind workout.  

Pilates will give you awareness of your body , how it moves and will help to correct the daily habits causing you pain and creating tension in your body.

Contact me for details and to book.

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Look after your workforce

Our bodies are built to move.  Sitting at a desk for hours or staying in one position for too long creates physical imbalances in our bodies.

Corporate online classes make it easy for employees to get fitter, feel better and function better, no matter where they are set up to work - at home or in the office.

Pilates in the workplace can help 

  •  relieve stress

  • improve posture 

  • improve muscle tone

  • alleviate problems from sitting at a desk for long periods

  • improve overall mental and physical well-being

Regular Pilates sessions lead to decreased mental and emotional stress and better concentration , focus and energy.

There are various options available, with sessions covered by the organisation or company as a way of showing care  for your employees well-being or paid for by a collective of interested employees, or at a special rate where the organisation or company subsidises the cost of the classes for the employees.  Contact me to discuss your needs further so we can find a solution best suited to your company and your employees. 

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Women Stretching


As a professional Pilates Teacher, my passion is to guide people towards a healthier lifestyle. Everybody is unique, with their own strengths and limitations.

"Everyone is the architect of their own happiness - Joseph Pilates

For me teaching and practicing Pilates is a cornerstone in my happiness.  I run my Pilates business around my family in London.

As a busy mum of 4 kids I know too well how hard it is to find any “me” time, but I also know the importance of that time and that we only get one body and we need to take care of it.

Pilates will help to do just that – it is functional movement.  You will see a positive difference in the way you stand, sit, walk and feel.  


  • focuses on posture

  • rebalances the body

  • strengthens you physically from within

  • improves flexibility

  • offers relaxation (something we all need in our busy lives).

Pilates uses your mind as well as your body with a strong emphasis on focus on the movement so we are exercising the mind and the body in unison. With its potential to aid in rehabilitation of many conditions it offers a window to living a pain free life and allows you to focus on all your body can do.

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"Since doing Pilates with Laura, I haven't had back pain in months and at the end of Pilates class I feel two inches taller and more in control of my body."


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